Friday, 30 April 2010

I've been in Freetown for a week

Well it is hot and sticky and coming into the rainy season for the next 2 months. I have my leopard skin print wellies and a pink plastic mack and an umbrella in preparation. I was supposed to go to a concert - Akon - in Freetown but it was rained off - the rain was just amazing the the thunder and lightening electric. This was in Selonian 'small small' apparently the rain gets even heavier. But the fence were we live was washed down by the rains - how can it get even heavier?
I'm going to Makeni - my placement on Tuesday - this week is full of visitors - other VSOers/NGO's. I think the beach is where we will spend most time. They are just fantastic - like on the adverts - for those who watch adverts!!
I am learning how to hail a cab and negotiate a price - nothing has a price on it - it is all about bartering. I had a ride with 5 others in the cab - 3 in the front and three in the back - it was such a tight squash - but it got me to the government building where I was going to meet one of my housemates for lunch in the canteen. We ate a bean stew with unidentifyable meat, fish, beans and rice - it was really OK. But I eat most things and not fussy. This must be difficult for vegetarians.
I'm also getting used to sleeping under a mossie net, intermittent electricity, difficulties in accessing the internet and unable to download pictures as it is just too slow. Apologies everyone!! Having showers as I have never used showers before - I just prefer a soak in the bath. Washing my clothes by hand, having a strict 'kitchen hygiene regime'. I've never seen termites before - but now I have - they are in the flat I'm sharing!! Oh well.
I have been made so welcome by my flatmates, Carole, Fiona and Henning - this has contributed enormously to my adaptation within this new culture.

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  1. Wow - sounds amazing! Cliff is on his way here this evening, decided to head over today rather than wait until tomorrow. Ordered extra curry so he can have that when he arrives later! We are not going to London tomorrow - no classes this week so both girls are dancing here tomorrow instead! Election news is all over the media, poor old Gordon Brown really does himself no favours! Rain forecast most of the weekend - well of course, it's a bank holiday!! School closed Thursday this week too because of the election so a nice short week to look forward to! Hope you have a good trip to Makeni on Tuesday, look forward to hearing all about it!

    Speak soon.

    Becky xxxxx