Monday, 26 April 2010

I have arrive in Sierra Leone

Well I have arrived in Sierra Leone. My flight took off as booked 23rd April. I am in Freetown until next week when I will be going 'up country' to Makeni.
What an exciting time to be in Sierra Leone - it is Independance Day tomorrow 27th April and already the party has started - I can hear all sorts of music, shouts and cars from the balcony where I am staying for the first week.
What is even better is that from tomorrow - all pregnant and lactating women and children up to the age of 5 will receive free healthcare. How amazing to be part of such a momentus change in history - I will just be a small part of these changes.
It is hot and humid as we await the rainy season which is just about to start. I have swum in the altantic sea at number 2 beach - I understand that the bounty or was it flake advert was filmed there - because it is so beautiful.
Life is hard here but the people are happy, friendly and cheerful. Freetown is a very colourful town.
Internet is slow and prone to problems - dont expect too many pictures!!


  1. Yay! Glad you made it safely! It all sounds fab! I had a lovely break in Devon with my girlie friends at the weekend but now back to a very hectic summer term! We are looking forward to visiting Ellie's new school tomorrow and buying her school uniform ready for September. I have my first day back at work tomorrow too!!! Also looking forward to this weekend, Cliff babysitting so that we can meet Kirsty and Martin for the Gig in High Wycombe. Weather is beautiful here today. Have fun, speak soon. Becky xxxxx

  2. Hi Alice,
    Good to read your blog, it all sounds great. Like you I have now given up work and am enjoying myself. Hope your trip goes well, will check your blog to hear your news.
    Enjoy, keep well
    Glynis George

  3. Relieved to hear that. The free healthcare thing sounds like you should have clients lining up for your services. I know you'll be keeping busy once you get up country - if Annie's blog is anything to go by! Keep your wits about you and your earplugs handy.
    Love. Jane XXX