Wednesday, 16 March 2011

So Much Happening

I have just been so busy with so many events that I have not had time to keep my blog up to date.
The internet is very patchy and I have had poor service from my Zain internet stick that I decided not to renew it.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards purchasing essential items and also those of you who have shipped out packages which have arrived here in Makeni via Freetown.
The students and staff have received the following:-
300 midwifery dictionaries – thank you to the good people of Somerset and my brother for organising this.
5 Myles text books – thank you to a good friend and midwife in my home town in Bury St Edmunds
A lap top for the ICT member of staff to assist the students in their studies – also some monies yet to be spent – thank you to a charity/school children in Hastings UK.
73 items of essential midwifery equipment for set 1 midwifery students. They will receive a Pinnard’s stethoscope, blood pressure machine and stethoscope when they return on 11th April – thanks to a very generous couple. I met a person in Freetown who very kindly supplied this equipment.
Thank you to a very kind friend from Bury St Edmunds who raised some monies to be spent on whatever I thought would be suitable. I have purchased a mobile phone and top up for the night security men at the school, CD’s to burn info onto, memory sticks, stationary, books and some further supplies which will be purchased before I leave.
Many of the items were transported free of charge by Dawnus – a construction company working here in Sierra Leone – without their help some of the items would not have reached the school.
A big thank you to all of you and anyone else I have not mentioned.
Things are changing here as the school is busy with students, tutors and teaching activities. The school has improved its facilities and can host other courses and this is used to make monies for the school.
The accommodation blocks are nearing completion for the student midwives and tutors.
Many staff from health posts and main hospitals in Sierra Leone have attended a Life Saving Skills Course run by Liverpool University. This will help increase the emergency skills of staff who work often alone in isolated health posts.
I have seen a little more of the country but travel is difficult due to poor infrastructure and lack of my own transport. However I have been very grateful to friends who have the use of a truck and Dawnus who share their days off with us.
I have been to Banana Island, River no 2 beach, Bo to a students’ wedding for a weekend. Most weekends are full even if I don’t leave Makeni and most evenings there are meals, a local hotel which is a meeting place not to mention a couple of other local haunts.
I go to the local Government Hospital on a regular basis, it is still looking after women who have often been in labour for far too long with grim consequences for mother, baby or both. There are plans to move to a new hospital soon but I have heard that ever since I have been here. The staff will be the same – just a clean environment. I do not know if that will improve the outcomes or not.
I am almost at the end of my year, so many mixed emotions. Some good some not so good and some feelings of frustration as I can only do so much within a limited period of time.
Well that is it for the moment – I hope to write more – internet willing.

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