Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Back from a short Christmas break

Just returned to Sierra Leone - Makeni - having had a short break back in the UK for Christmas.
The weather here in Makeni is wonderful! I left cold, frosty UK to return to 40oC.
I did however have difficulties getting back to UK just before Christmas due to the snow at Heathrow - but had a great time in Lungi airport Hotel waiting to hear when our flight was going to land! Only 2 days late - but just in time for the family celebrations.
Back to work! The students are all out on clinical placements and set 1 have just sat their second exams - so I am in the process of marking 73 scripts x 2.
The school accomodation building has grown since I have been away - which is great news as many of the students are struggling with finding suitable accomodation.
I have returned with Cliff my husband for the last 10 weeks of my placement which is great. He has adapted so quickly and is happy to ride motorbikes and eat local food even with his fingers (right hand of course).
Well thats it for now - more stories once I have settled back into work and life here.

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